What is the difference between rubber floor and plastic floor?

What is the difference between rubber floor and plastic floor?

  • 2022-08-26

Different production processes: There are dozens of raw materials for rubber flooring, which are formed by high-temperature vulcanization, and then polished and cut to finished products. The pvc floor is formed by extrusion and calendering at high temperature, and there are few kinds of raw materials. Therefore, the cost of rubber flooring is much higher.

The difference in color: The rubber floor is through the vulcanization coloring process, and there is no specially-made UV layer on the surface. The color is special and cannot be imitated by any other type of floor, so most of the rubber floors have relatively few colors; while the color of the PVC floor There are many, which can be combined arbitrarily, which can give designers more choices. However, in terms of service life and wear resistance, rubber floors can last for more than 20 years.
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Ease of installation: The strength required for self-leveling of rubber floor is higher than that of PVC plastic floor, and the glue must be special glue for rubber. The use cost of auxiliary materials is higher than that of pvc plastic floor. The rubber floor belongs to the upper and lower body, and the installation is more laborious. Moreover, the installation method of rubber floor is more strict. If there is no experienced construction team, it is easy to cause bubble cracking in the later stage.

Market application requirements: Due to the high price of rubber flooring, it is only used in some high-end places, and the amount is relatively small. Since the price of PVC plastic floor is much lower than that of rubber floor, the application of projects with lower budget cost is relatively large. In addition, the rubber floor has stronger wear resistance, and is widely used in airports, stations and other places with large traffic, as well as in transportation projects such as planes, trains, subways, cars, and ships.

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