What is rubber floor?

What is rubber floor?

  • 2021-03-22

Rubber floor covering is obtained by igniting sulfur in a paste where rubber is a raw material, and as a result, various pigments and substances are added to the paste. The rate of rubber in this dough must be 35 percent.

These floor coverings have a very suitable structure for light or medium circulation.

Types of Rubber Flooring

Rubber floor coverings covered with a homogeneous structure

They are rubber floor coverings that consist of a wear layer and a carrier layer.

In addition to their rich and elegant appearance, rubber flooring systems are a floor where you will be safe while walking. It definitely has a structure that prevents microbe growth. It is highly resistant to chemicals and especially water. It attracts a lot of attention thanks to its resistance to electricity in the areas where it is used. Rubber flooring products with a thickness of 2.5 mm absolutely prevent the transmission or proliferation of footsteps. It is among the first choices in use in all areas where the echo of the sound will be disturbed.

During the application, the application floor should be a clean and dry cement-covered floor. It should be particularly dry. During the bonding of the rubber material, the temperature should never fall below 15 degrees. Pattern related varieties are square, round and oval. Here the choice is entirely up to the customer.

One of the reasons to be preferred is its appealing appearance. These materials, which have a stylish and aesthetic stance, also have a very elastic structure. The soft structure of the upper surface is also very striking details in children’s playgrounds and especially in places such as nursery and kindergarten.

Apart from these areas, it is also used in animal shelters, areas specially designed for disabled citizens, shooting ranges, entrance parts of garages or parking lots, large areas with gardens, fitness halls or private sports halls and traffic training tracks. Even eva surface coaters purchased to prevent children from stepping on the floor and to be a playground, especially in nurseries or children’s rooms, are also included in this group.

It is especially preferred due to its solid, soft texture, successful performance in thermal insulation and sound conductivity. Rubber floor coverings, which have a structure that does not produce microbes with a very easy-to-clean surface, are offered for sale in 3 or 6 mm thick tiles and 1-1.5 mm wide roll models. Because it is rubber, it may also come to mind whether it smells or not. It is a product that you can use hygienically with peace of mind in all areas, including indoor areas. It will be used with pleasure in your commercial or private areas.

It consists of synthetic rubbers, colored pigments and fiber, mineral compounds. Vacuum cleaning can be done. It is compatible with both wet and dry cleaning methods. It can also be cleaned by washing. For this reason, it is unique in terms of hygiene. If an alkaline cleaning agent will be used during cleaning, this substance should not be left on the surface for more than 5 minutes. If it remains too much, the rubber floor covering will be damaged and deformed.

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