• Public Facilities
    Public Facilities

    During the break, your employees want to take a break, have a cup of coffee or have a meal in a relaxed atmosphere. Even in the dressing room, the pleasant atmosphere plays an important role. The design of the floor, the choice of color and the texture of the material are the decisive factors in creating this atmosphere. These spaces often require the floor to be non-slip or oil/grease resistant. ...

  • Educational Facilities
    Educational Facilities

    ADT education rubber flooring is an ideal floor for classrooms and other learning areas such as open campuses. It can be used in kindergartens and nurseries, computer rooms, university laboratories, multi-function halls, school cafeterias and other areas. It has many advantages such as safety, environmental protection, durability, and easy maintenance. Please come and order!

  • Power plant
    Power plant

    ADT industrial rubber flooring can resist a variety of burns and wear. This makes it easy to install in places where hot water or grease may fall, as well as in workshop environments. Compared with other forms of flooring, it is also flame-retardant and less likely to catch fire. This durable rubber flooring is excellent for use in power plants.

  • Commercial Building
    Commercial Building

    Floors designed for fashion stores and sporting goods stores In the design of fashion stores, sporting goods stores and department stores, visually attractive store concepts are required. ADT commercial rubber flooring with its personalized style features, exquisite and low-key form, monochrome and seamless appearance, effectively show you the fashion highlights of the product. If you combine diff...

  • Hospital Class
    Hospital Class

    staircase When designing stairs and emergency exits, put safety first. Fire safety and anti-slip performance of stairs are important material properties. Prefabricated stair slabs, including the one-piece front edge of the stairs, toe boards and skirting boards, as well as safety warning strips in contrasting or fluorescent colors, help improve safety. The elastic material has good performance of ...

  • Art Gallery
    Art Gallery

    When building the museum floor, you need to consider all visitors. Public places such as art galleries, libraries, exhibition halls and museums attract tourists. From the elderly to children, the long-span age level also improves the anti-skid safety of the ground. high expectation. ADT museums rubber flooring has the function of anti-skid and shock absorption. When it encounters sliding or heavy ...

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