• Why is rubber flooring widely used?
    • 2021-05-22

    For a long time, rubber flooring has been considered a beneficial flooring system for many industries. The rubber floor has durability, comfort, longevity and reliability. These qualities provide ince...

  • Application of rubber floor on ships
    • 2021-04-10

    Most of the marine rubber pad is a rubber pad with holes. The marine rubber pad with holes can be easily cut to fit any shape. It is suitable for direct laying and has a connecting buckle, which is si...

  • FAQ about Electrical Rubber Pads
    • 2021-04-10

    Here, we have organized and answered some of your frequently asked questions about electrical rubber mats. We research from how electric rubber pads work to how we produce them, where they should be u...

  • Introduction to the production process and type of anti-slip rubber sheet
    • 2021-03-28

    First of all, we need to know that the non-slip rubber sheet is also called non-slip rubber mat, round button non-slip rubber sheet, suitable for hotels, hotels, gymnasiums, conference halls, gymnasiu...

  • Advantages of Gym Rubber Flooring
    • 2021-03-22

    Gym rubber flooring is famous for many reasons. With a wide variety of gym flooring, the benefits of gym rubber flooring for a home gym are extensive. This is the best way to increase the value of you...

  • What is rubber floor?
    • 2021-03-22

    Rubber floor covering is obtained by igniting sulfur in a paste where rubber is a raw material, and as a result, various pigments and substances are added to the paste. The rate of rubber in this doug...

  • What are the benefits of rubber playground mats?
    • 2021-03-06

    Safety surfacing for playgrounds made of rubber is the ideal surfacing option many choose when searching for the perfect playground matting for their young ones to play safely on due to its ability to...

  • Benefits of Rubber Flooring
    • 2021-02-26

    Rubber flooring is the first choice for people who prefer convenience and safety. This is why rubber flooring is known for its unique advantages. Rubber floor has been widely used in children's play a...

  • Why choose rubber flooring?
    • 2021-02-26

    One of the reasons for choosing rubber flooring is its attractive appearance, which has a rich and elegant appearance. In, the choice of the shape of the rubber floor depends entirel...

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