New type of industrial rubber sheet production-striding forward to industrial rubber products

  • 2020-07-28

Through our continuous accumulation in the field of rubber flooring, we have a better grasp of the characteristics of different rubbers, and we have made more research and progress in their industrial production and agricultural production. Therefore, we also have the ability to produce new industrial rubber flooring products.

We can produce NR, SBR, CR, NBR, EPDM and other types of rubber coils and rubber sheets, giving the products more use characteristics, such as abrasion resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, weather resistance, temperature resistance and many more. We can also customize suitable products according to user needs, such as: flame retardant type, low smoke density type, antistatic type, insulating type, etc. At the same time, it can meet REACH and ROHS specifications.

We look forward to your consultation and provide us with your requirements, and we will surely provide you with quality and low-cost qualified products that meet your requirements.

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