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  • 2020-04-16


When designing stairs and emergency exits, put safety first. Fire safety and anti-slip performance of stairs are important material properties. Prefabricated stair slabs, including the one-piece front edge of the stairs, toe boards and skirting boards, as well as safety warning strips in contrasting or fluorescent colors, help improve safety. The elastic material has good performance of absorbing footsteps, up to 10 decibels, ensuring a comfortable indoor acoustic effect.

Emergency Room / Operating Room

The decoration of the operating room requires a lot of experience and expertise. As experts in these sensitive areas, the ADT hospital rubber flooring meets specific mechanical requirements and ergonomic requirements. We also provide a variety of series of static dissipative floors.

Service area and corridor

The first impression is important. This is why the entrance area of many institutions is designed like a display area, which is representative and oriented at the same time. The successful design of this area includes a floor with sound-absorbing effect, and at the same time can incorporate guidance and guidance systems (such as seamless mosaic) in the floor. In addition to the complex design, the corridor has special safety standards, such as non-slip, fireproof safety, uncoated, easy to clean, etc.


The design of the intensive care unit is crucial to the patient's recovery process. The recently recognized mental prevention research also provides a scientific basis for this. Interior decoration and proper lighting have also become very important.

Patient and ward

When designing the ward, the key is to create a good atmosphere, make it as easy to live as possible, and promote the recovery process. This is why color and design play an important role in these areas. Safety, hygiene, accessibility, health and environmental performance are the standards for sturdy hospital rubber floor's further basic planning.

Video room

Modern diagnosis has developed into a very superb technology, so it is more important to keep the space quiet, relax the patient, and reduce the patient's fear of medical equipment and examinations. Hospital rubber sheet has the advantages of ergonomics and acoustics, as well as optional rich colors and designs, which help to create an appropriate emotional treatment environment.

Waiting room/entrance area

The pleasant environment makes the waiting room no longer monotonous and boring. It can be applied to all waiting areas, from emergency rooms to doctors' offices. Therefore, a variety of colors and designs, as well as easy cleaning of the waiting area, are very important.


Laboratory design needs to consider the special requirements of users in terms of space and the handling of various types of chemical media. Therefore, building materials that promote ergonomic design should be used, and this material should be as resistant as possible to the corrosion of the chemical medium used. This is why it is necessary to thoroughly analyze the individual needs of the individual laboratories and conduct professional consultation-and consider the antibacterial properties of the floor.

Nurse station / physiotherapy room

The best conditions for physical therapy are guaranteed by the unique elastic floor. The cushioning effect of soft rubber tiles improve safety and reduces the risk of injury due to falls.

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