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  • 2020-04-16

When building the museum floor, you need to consider all visitors. Public places such as art galleries, libraries, exhibition halls and museums attract tourists. From the elderly to children, the long-span age level also improves the anti-skid safety of the ground. high expectation. ADT museums rubber flooring has the function of anti-skid and shock absorption. When it encounters sliding or heavy pressure, the rubber floor can disperse and absorb the impact energy, and at the same time has a good sound insulation effect, allowing visitors to visit in a quiet environment.

In view of the large flow of people in public spaces, Public place rubber flooring should choose a floor with high wear resistance and strong anti-skid performance. In the past, many buildings chose to use tiles. However, in terms of comfort, aesthetics, abrasion resistance, slip resistance, flame retardancy, environmental protection, and design diversification, they cannot meet the needs of new buildings. ADT recycled rubber flooring has become the new favorite of many museum buildings due to its low price and good quality. Our rubber flooring has more than 300 different color patterns, suitable for classical, quiet, beautiful, modern, beautiful and other styles of decoration needs.

Museums Rubber Flooring

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