How To Select Rubber Flooring Rolls in Different Places

How To Select Rubber Flooring Rolls in Different Places

  • 2020-10-12

Rubber floor rolls are extremely versatile. You may have never heard of them until now, but they are quite popular as gym flooring and outdoor flooring options. So, let's get some important features about the popular Commercial Rubber Flooring.

Gym Flooring Rolls

Rubber gym flooring rolls are the most popular gym flooring option on the market. When it comes to gym flooring solutions, rubber is the most versatile. It is perfect for virtually any gym or workout and you have plenty of options to find the perfect solution for you.

Rubber gym flooring rolls come in a variety of different thickness options to suit your needs. You can even purchase rubber rolls specially designed to keep your joints safe during high-impact, psychometric movements.

Choose rubber gym floor tiles for:

Commercial gyms

Home gyms

Garage gyms

Weight rooms

Fitness studios

Cross Fit boxes

Outdoor Rubber Flooring Rolls

People often ask, Can rubber flooring rolls be used outdoors?

Heck yes, they can! In fact, rubber is one of the best outdoor flooring materials.

For the most durable, slip-resistant and temperate outdoor flooring, rubber is where it’s at. Rubber is naturally slip-resistant. In fact, outdoor rubber becomes more slip-resistant when wet. So go ahead, Rainmaker; our rolls can take it!

Outdoor rubber rolls stay cooler than concrete in direct sunlight, and are also comfortable under foot. And if the rubber does get too warm, go ahead and soak it.

For the ultimate durability outdoors, we recommend choosing a thicker rubber matting. You can use any rubber outdoors. However, customers have seen the best results with at least ⅜” thickness.

Use outdoor rubber flooring rolls for:

Patio flooring

Porch flooring

Deck flooring

Horse stall flooring

Walkway flooring

Outdoor gym flooring

High-Traffic Rubber Flooring Rolls

Many business owners love using rubber rolls in high-traffic areas. The thing about rubber is it is crazy durable. It can hold up to parades of people (and animals!) without breaking down or looking damaged.

You can use rolled rubber flooring in:

Locker rooms

Art studios

Ice skating rinks


Rec rooms

Any high-traffic commercial area

Rubber Flooring Rolls for Boats and Other Water-Prone Areas

As we mentioned earlier, rubber extremely slip-resistant and even more slip-resistant when wet. It’s like when you get that surge of adrenaline and all the sudden you are capable of superhuman strength. Water is like rubber’s adrenaline - it only makes it more awesome and helpful!

Because of its slip-resistance and waterproof capabilities, rubber is one of the most popular boat flooring ideas.You can use any of the high-traffic rolls and they will work great. These rolls are perfect not only for boat flooring, but really, any water-prone areas.

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