Rubber Gym Floor Cleaning FAQs

Rubber Gym Floor Cleaning FAQs

  • 2021-01-24

Rubber flooring is perfect for exercise, whether it’s your home gym or a commercial gym. But after a successful workout, have you ever noticed how dirty it can be? You need to know how to clean rubber gym flooring if you’re going to keep your gym sanitary.

The good news is that rubber flooring is super durable and low-maintenance, so it’s not that hard to take care of. It resists stains, mold, and mildew. It’s like half the work is already done for you! But there are still some important tips and tricks you should know.

The following is our summary answer to common questions about rubber gym floor cleaning:

1. How do you disinfect rubber gym flooring?

If you want to sanitize and disinfect rubber gym flooring, your best option is a specialized rubber flooring disinfectant, which is approved by the U.S. EPA’s Emerging Viral Pathogen Guidance, in response to COVID-19 and other viruses. It kills bacteria, viruses, fungus, and it’s a simple addition to your cleaning regimen since you can simply dilute it in water.

2. How can I make my rubber floor shine?

The easiest way to make your rubber flooring shine is by applying a rubber finish and sealer. After cleaning your floor and letting it air dry, you can easily apply the finish using a sponge mop. It usually takes a few coats before you achieve the desired shine and a wet/glossy appearance. You can apply as many as four layers.

3. What will dissolve rubber flooring?

Harsh solvents can dissolve rubber flooring, so you shouldn’t use them as a cleaning product. Avoid solvent or oil style cleaners such as Pine-Sol, Lysol, Murphy’s Oil Soap, WD40, or paint thinner. With continued use, these cleaners can break down the flooring.

4. Does vinegar harm rubber flooring?

Undiluted vinegar can damage rubber flooring because it is acidic, so it needs to be diluted in water before you use it. The acidity helps break down dirt and residue, but it also causes degradation if not diluted. Adding one cup of white vinegar to a gallon of water should properly dilute the product for safe cleaning.

5. Can you use bleach on rubber flooring?

You should not use undiluted bleach on rubber flooring, because it can cause damage to the floor. Bleach is a powerful disinfectant even in small amounts. Adding one cup of bleach to a gallon of water should properly dilute the product for safe cleaning.


Now you know everything you need to know about cleaning rubber flooring, so your gym floor can be squeaky clean and sanitary.

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