Ten reasons to choose Andatai Rubber Flooring

Ten reasons to choose Andatai Rubber Flooring

  • 2022-06-02

1) Selection of natural raw materials: The main material is directly extracted from natural rubber raw materials, and no toxic substances are produced in the processing composition. The colors are also all natural color pigments.

2) Unique features: Andatai rubber floor has unique wear resistance and high elasticity, and is widely used and recognized in China. It also comes in a variety of decors that can be paired with each other to provide a great design solution for your architectural projects.

3) Strong antibacterial and easy to clean: Andatai rubber floor has a dense and sealed surface and is flexible enough, so its installation will not produce any gaps, thus preventing the proliferation of dirt and bacteria. This makes Andatai rubber floors the perfect choice for areas that need to be kept clean, such as hospital operating room wards, schools or kindergartens, nursing homes.

4) Comfort: Due to the natural elasticity of the rubber floor, it has a very good foot feel and is ideal for high sidewalk areas such as schools, offices, airports, hospitals and railway stations.

5) Super Quiet: Andatai rubber floor can reduce walking noise up to 20 decibels, so it is an ideal solution for library, museum exhibition halls and gallery floor materials.

6) Long service life: The natural elasticity of Andatai rubber floor enables it to resist heavy traffic pressure and recover from severe impact and extreme pressure. These properties also mean that rubber floors have an extraordinary longevity.

7) Easy to retrofit: When an area is changing use, Andatai rubber flooring is easy to retrofit because it is lightweight, easy to install, and easy to maintain.

8) Safety: Andatai rubber flooring has passed the fire test of the National Building Materials Testing Center in terms of fire resistance and will not produce toxic smoke when burning. To prevent accidents in public places and workplaces.

9) Maintenance: The surface of Andatai rubber floor is specially treated to ensure better pollution resistance and chemical resistance, which means that our rubber floor does not cost much in cleaning and maintenance.

10) Innovation: Andatai rubber floor has more than ten textures and hundreds of designs that can be matched and chosen arbitrarily, and it is great for any project from kindergarten to traditional office or office building museum art room and other spaces.

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