The importance of rubber floor construction and paving

The importance of rubber floor construction and paving

  • 2022-03-21

"30% floor, 70% construction". Whether your materials are imported or domestic in a project, the paving technology of the construction team will directly affect the overall paving effect of the ground. BEIJING ADT RUBBER & PLASTIC Ltd. is equipped with a professional and skilled construction team. For each project, we will dispatch our construction technicians to investigate the ground conditions on the site to assist customers in understanding how the rubber floor should deal with the ground base before and after construction.

Firstly, the construction site requirements of rubber floor.

①It is forbidden to install below 10℃.

②The ground must be dry, flat, without cracks, dust, stains and other foreign impurities.

③Seamless splicing should be used during construction, and the splicing must be straight, smooth, firm, and without obvious color difference.

④During hardening, destructive compounds can only be removed mechanically.

⑤The ground humidity should not be lower than 2.5%, nor higher than 2.5%. If it is higher than 2.5%, it is waterproof according to the industrial standard.

⑥ If the surface unevenness is less than 5 mm, it can be leveled by self-leveling.

Second, Construction preparation

The rubber floor should be transported to the site in advance and placed for 24 hours (it can also be parked according to the requirements of each rubber floor manufacturer), so that the rubber floor can adapt to the temperature of the site, and then start to pre-pave according to the number set by the manufacturer, pay attention to some There are related arrows on the back of the sheet of the rubber floor manufacturer, and the direction of the arrows must be the same for the paving.

Third, construction steps

A. Positioning measurement

① Determine the center points of each wall, then draw a line to connect these points to the center part of the room.

② Determine the center of this line, and then draw a vertical line with a square to connect the two pairs of side walls.

B. Installation of rubber floor

①After the room is measured, you can use these dimensions to determine the starting point location.

②After the first batch is laid, use the ink cartridge line to play the line in advance to make it a straight line.

C. Paving of rubber floor

①In order to facilitate installation, quickly pour the adhesive on the ground, and then use a scraper to scrape the glue as a whole.

②Use a special rubber knife to cut and assemble.

③Use a 100-pound roller to roll back and forth to compact the rubber floor, flatten the gap in the adhesive, and remove the air inside.

④ After laying, check whether the adhesive of the rubber floor is in good condition.

D. to pass

After the installation is completed, in addition to the installer who can walk on it carefully, other people should try to avoid walking within 24 hours, so as not to damage the coagulation of the adhesive and affect the installation effect of the ground.

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